It is safe to say that our bi-annual trip is something, we as a group, always look forward to. I definitely do.

I am truly honored and lucky to have best friends who are simply the best at their crafts that make travel a breeze. Despite our strong personalities (Year of the Fire Dragon born), we have managed to keep our 27 years or even more for some, intact.

From planning, booking tickets, hotel reservations, tours, executing, the deck, I must hand it to where it it due, our very own bankerThat really made everyone’s lives better. I still can’t believe we pulled it off. Thank you girls.

Pre Hanoi Dinner c/o the Sy’s

Thank you Tita Olive and Tito Mike! You are simply the BEST! Thank you for treating us as your own. Starting the trip with a matching CAKE… only good things were to come..


(to be cont)


Malunggay Coffee and Bibingka

Breakfast Cheers; First VITA Plus 100% Pure Coffee as the packet states is enough to make 5 cups of coffee. Being so used to the strong Barako coffee, I use half a sachet for my daily coffee. I have been adding condensed milk making it a Vietnamese Style coffee which is usually served in those stainless steel strainer and brewer in one cups which we fortunately have several of. I’m still looking for the strong coffee taste, but I can hear my “guardian angel” to take it easy on the coffee as not to get palpitations and high BP. Well, I’m happy to report that since I have been taking this Moringa Coffee and juice, my BP has been very stable.

My mom brought home Bibingka from Ferino’s over the weekend and we immediately asked for more sliced red/salted eggs. I couldn’t finish half. I’m sure a little mouse did. Food food glorious food!