I really don’t have a recipe these salads. I just use what’s available. Luckily though, my mom has all these funky not-your-usual salad dressings that I can use. I found Sangria Dressing and Roasted Sesame Dressing. The names itself excites me. Haha.

The first one that I made was Grilled Chicken (leftovers from the last night’s dinner) with Tomatoes, Crispy Garlic Chips, Mix Greens with Arugula, and a Sangria Dressing.

Salad In  An Jar1


Today, I was still in the mood for salad experiments. Found a can of Choice Tuna Flakes and the Roasted Sesame Dressing. Let’s see how this goes.




A simple guideline on layering your salads. Anything goes really. It’s your salad your choices.


Couldn’t resist and got these cute paper straws. Comes out to P1.00 per straw. That’s fresh coconut water with the salad.


The pint jar is actually good for two people in my opinion because I had leftovers that Xavier devoured as he discovered it sitting in the fridge. Asking me to make his meals all in jars. He will just mix them up when it was time to eat. The only thing he asked was to hold the tomatoes. Gotta think of other salads that he could enjoy.


Red, Green and White

A favorite salad of mine is an Insalata Caprese. However, fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese is a bit too expensive for my budget. Since I have been loving and promoting our local products and produce, I decided to use Kesong Puti (White cheese; Carabao) for my White Cheese, Tomato, and Basil Salad or sandwich. It’s not the first time I use this or have heard of this combination. I just felt that we can use or local kesong puti and make it a global entity. We gotta be proud of our products ya?

I was simply craving for Kesong Puti but I didn’t just want it with pandesal. I wanted a little kick (basil & tomato). I marinate half inch slices of Kesong Puti in olive oil and freshly cracked black pepper overnight or a few hours before serving. It’s such a simple thing yet delish indeed.

Kesong Puti Basil; Tomato


This week’s Stable Rats Kris Kringle is Something RED. I couldn’t think of what to get my “baby” that was red. To my surprise I got a bag of PENS! Yummy red pens and markers. Perfect to paint that town red? Hahaha. Just kidding.

Something RED

When I got to the stables today, my driver tells me that I also have a red plant waiting in the office. Haha. I haven’t seen it though. Will post it tomorrow.