Alas… some REST

I look forward to these days where I can spend the day doing as I please. I know I have to keep myself busy. That’s easy. Basically REST simply means, not leaving the house.

Last Monday, I met up with Mia Vorbeck at the Chukker to talk and share about my experience. Apparently, a year ago, her 9 year old son Felipe had AVM too. All this time, she has been looking for someone to talk to and ask questions of how she can help her son improve and better himself in terms of coping with his disability as well. I am no doctor or medical practitioner. I only speak of what I know and what I experience. I only speak of what I did, how people have helped me, and what I have been doing to these past years. It’s been a long road and just like in a journey, there are ups and downs, potholes and bumps. After sharing all this with Mia and our common friend Corina, we were all in tears. I broke down because, I saw how Mia has been holding herself up these past years. Finally she was able to let go. That’s something ya?

Change is inevitable. In life there are only two things you can do. Accept and move on. The wheels may turn slower or faster for some. What is important is that they turn forward. It took me a while to accept my fate. It took me a while to accept that I was a disabled. That things were going to be different. But it didn’t mean that things were going to be worst. I could have chosen things to be worst or sulk down in a corner and pity myself. But I think I’m too proud (good and bad) to succumb to such. I felt that I had to prove to everyone that I could and will rise above my disability. At the same time, to give myself ample time to do things at my own pace.

Many believe that all this horoscope and astrological readings are pure bull but the daily readings hit the spot right on. It’s actually scary. In a way, I have understood myself better why I am this way. Why I can be so intense, so bullheaded, so fearless, at the same time worst than a lethargic worm. I contradict myself. Hahaha. Yes that’s me. There are intense days and there are not-a-care-in-the-world days. “JUST LET ME BE!!” as a friend acclaimed yesterday.

I want this tattoo together with a dragon…. I am after all a LIBRA-SCORPION Born in the year of the FIRE DRAGON.


The GREEN Cast Comes Off…. DAY 1

After exactly 31 days, my green cement cast comes off. Then begins my journey. Recovering. Strengthening. Learning to walk again. And so I thought. I think the cast would have been taken off if I didn’t forget or better yet, I was told to bring my AFO (Ankle Foot Orthosis). Unfortunately, I didn’t. Instead my full leg cast was sawed-off to knee length. AT LEAST I can finally bend my knee. I was told that my knee will hurt and it does. Also, my toes started to swell since I left my leg down after the doctor’s visit. Had to prop it up again with a pillow. It does feel so much better. It’s like I’m just wearing my brace which I have been wearing for the past 12 years. Only I can’t walk yet and do things on my own. Just be patient Bettina. Just be patient.