HAPPY “Baptism” CARA

Something I always look forward to is meeting up with my best friends. It’s funny how the plans transpire. Not to mention the car ride bickering (Margie & Monica). It’s just so fun. It takes you back to high school!! It’s like being with kids. Haha. I’m known as just going with the flow when it comes to my friends. Just state the place and time and “bahala na si Batman”. We even carpool when needed. This weekend, I was lucky enough to have my driver, Danny, available. Thanks Danny.

Brassiere CiÇiou was Cara’s choice as recommended by Ianne ya? You know me, I hardly go out the comforts of my vicinity. But I will make the effort to be there to celebrate anything with these girls. Initially, call time was breakfast (8:00a.m.) but I doubt anyone wanted to be up that early on Saturday morn. Those who hitched with me arrived at 11a.m. It was brunch but actually became lunch. It has come to a point where being “late” is forgiven. Haha. But we don’t wait. We order and we eat. Teehee.


I was in the mood for eggs. Then again when am I not? Hahaha. Breakfast Bettina! Breakfast (as my angels are shouting in my ear)! I ordered the Eggs Benedict with Salmon & Mix Greens and of course my cup of joe. Too bad they didn’t have Barako. Yes, I actually asked. I settled for the Lavazza brewed coffee instead.

Beef Carpaccio

Fresh Oysters, Les Escargots a la Francaise and Beef Carpaccio to share. I skipped the oysters as I forgot to take my antihistamine meds. Got a taste of Monica’s Braised Lamb Shank, Tajine-style, with Potatoes, Carrots, Chickpeas, Mint and Coriander Salad, Lemon Confit. Yum yum. I think the rest all got eggs as well. Either Eggs Benedict or Eggs Cocotte.

Kouing Aman

And the winner dessert was the Kouing Aman which is caramelized laminated sweet dough and salted caramel ice cream. Could have eaten one by myself but I was stuffed already.


As always, a great day with the girls. Thank you. Happy happy my dearest Choochoo.
(P.S. That same evening, the word was SMASHED! Haha. Yup yup. They attended a wine crawl event. I asked them to drink for me. I guess they did. Hahaha. Love you girls!)


BESO and the GIRLS

Having a CORE group of friends is truly a blessing. After all the holiday madness, some leaving for the US for vacation and other purposes, some just busy with their annual Christmas parties and family get togethers, it is truly such a joy to get everyone together even just for a few hours. Ana, who has been living in Japan all these years, was here for the holidays with Doug her husband and adorable Mila. Before she heads back to the Land of the Rising Sun, we met up in Beso for sumptuous treats.

I was there an hour earlier as I met up with Portia & Pilar, Xavier’s tita and cousin on his father’s side. I was hungry, as always, and started myself with a Beso Platter while listening to the staff having their meeting. That toast with chocolate spread topped with a slice of chorizo always tingles my taste buds.

Beso Platter

Beso Platter

Halfway through my platter the girls started arriving one by one. SANGRIA please!! This time the overflowing Calamansi Sangria was the star of the day. Don’t ask how many glasses I had. Teehee.

Calamansi Sangria

Since it seemed that we were going stretch the night out to dinner, I ordered something that I was more filling. It was my first time to try a main entree and kept asking myself why I didn’t discover this dish sooner. It was the bomb! Hahaha. Braised Lengua, Bacon, Mushroom, Cream, and Sherry with Rice Pilaf. My son will definitely like this! The dish was good enough for two but excuse me for being a pig, but it was worth every bite.

Braised Lengua

BURP. Excuse me.

The rest of the night was all the stories of the Christmas & New Year’s madness, a wedding, US Vacations. The two toddlers that were with us were busy with their handy dandy iPods with toddler cases. Such adorable cuties.

Mila & Claudia

Beso with the Girls

After all that pigging out, the Cuis wanted to walk around and burn off the sins we committed. Haha. Did a little shopping and was able to snag a less 30% off on a cardigan from Cotton On. Janlo and I purchased the same thing but in different colors. We just laughed it off since we only realized it when we met at the check out counter. Got Xavier a pair of flip flops since his last pair were still from our trip to Sydney two years ago, and his feet grew from a 9 to to a size 10. Haaay.

Keeping in touch with my best friends keeps me grounded and safe. I love each of them dearly.

Busy Bee (Part 2)

After all that heart racing adrenalin from watching Magic Mike the night before as well as what transpired during the day, I thought I was going to have a Lazy Day Sunday. Not! My mother has been raving about a restaurant called My Kitchen by Chef Chris and invited my son and I to have dinner with her Pilates friends. Not too keen leaving really except having to go to mass, I was wishy washy but I could tell that my mom really wanted to take us there. “This is your last chance. It’s too far out to take you there again…” she declared. My son, always aiming to please said he would go. With that, I decided to go because no way was I going to be stuck at home with you know who. Dressed so casually in jeans, sneakers, and a white tee, off we went right after mass.

Before that, we passed by Terry’s Pasong Tamo Ext and bought some bottles of wine. Hey, they are 15% off every Sunday. So best to head to Terry’s if you need to stock up.

Apparently mom pre-ordered the food. All I can say is that there was plenty to go around twice over plus enough for the doggie bag. We had the Kristina & Primavera Panizza, Spaghetti con Frutti de Mare, Bisteka, Lamb Shanks, Chicken Parmesan, and Cheesecake to die for. I must have left out some items. Sorry, this was a week or two weeks ago.

My Kitchen by Chef Chris is the main Hotel Restaurant for Oasis Park Hotel Manila
1032-34 Belen Street Paco, Metro Manila
For reservations please contact us at (+632) 521-2371 to 75.
Website – please CLICK HERE

You’d think this food frenzy would come to a halt? Ha! No way. It was Tita Carmen’s death anniversary the next day which we celebrated with mass at San Antonio and dinner at The Last Chukker. We were enough the fill up the second dining area of the Chukker. There were four big tables occupied with I believe, had more kids & teens than the adults put together. It was so nice to see the Santiagos who are here for summer vacation. More kids!!! I think my son had a following because he had his pet hamsters with him. Straight from school, futsal, mass, and dinner, the poor hamsters in their cage. Plus, giving the kids another treat by visiting my Jivey. (con’t)

I Need To STOP Stuffing Myself

Last week, it seemed like I was eating like there was no tomorrow. Wanting something sweet, then salty, then sweet again. It was a never ending cycle. It was the cook who just came from her 2 week vacation that pointed it out to me that my hips were getting bigger. Waaaahahahah! Checked my calendar and true enough I was ovulating. Not to mention lunches and dinners with friends where I would eat with much gusto. This needed to stop. This week supply of RAWLICIOUS didn’t have my son’s favorite so I didn’t order. I can easily replace a meal or two with those filling nutritious smoothies. I believe in balance rather than omit foods that I enjoy. Hey, I’m overweight, have been for the past almost 13 years. At least little by little I’m losing the inches as many who have not seen me in a while have noticed. Because of unforeseen events, my gym membership was abolished. So, I haven’t been to the gym this whole year plus the ankle surgery that started this blog in the first place.

My dizzy spells never went away. I needed to see the doctor sooner than I was planning to go. All I really needed was to get the results of my blood tests but someone insisted I just call for the results asap but see the doctor as well. Results were all good and within the normal given range. My endocrinologist was very happy with my results. Don’t need to see her until September for routine blood work. So, what’s with all this dizziness? I have vertigo. Frack! I was given medication for a week, so far it has worked. I just need to remind myself to take them regularly. Teehee.

I have been staying home because of my vertigo and only leaving when errands need to be done. You know how hectic it is before someone leaves for trip abroad. Thankfully, my pregnant friend Cara wanted to meet up with the girls for dinner. That same day, Margie gave birth in the morning. But since most had colds, coughs, or jet-lag blues, it was common sense not to visit the hospital. CUE (@CueModernBBQ) was the choice because of this orgasmic photo that Ces, another friend posted. We had to have that. It was a Bone Marrow BBQ with soft taco shells and sidings or dippings. I could finish the whole thing if I wanted to.

‘Cue Modern Barbecue at:
Bonifacio High Street Central
G/F, East Superblock, Bonifacio High Street Central,
7th Ave cor 29th St, Taguig City, Metro Manila
(02) 621-4052

The usual chit chat with the girls and enjoying our meals. I cannot end the day without dessert and if out, a cup of coffee. So we headed upstairs to The Cake Club. A cup of brewed coffee and a slice of Le Royal capped the night for me.

After the weeks’ frustrations of which I know I shouldn’t care about, vertigo, errands for traveling mother, I really needed to see my girls. Just to balance everything out.

Terrific Tuesday?? Hmm.

Belated birthday celebration of June and Jan. Lunch at Cafe Mary Grace with Lori and the celebrant. It seems that it’s usually just three of our who get together often. The others are on the flaky side or simply cannot make it. Haha. Our meetings are more or less always the same. The latest about each ones lives, rant and rave, the food we eat and their husbands and kids or their MIL’s and FIL’s. Haha.

I ordered the Smoked Salmon and Cream which was not bad at all. Not too heavy either. June had a Spicy Lemon Scampi and Lori with her usual sandwich. We have a plate of Dulong as well and no meal is complete without dessert and coffee. I had the Brownie Ala Mode and Brewed Coffee. By the way, I had a scheduled blood test right after lunch which I didn’t have to fast for. Then I realized that what I ate will appear on the tests. Waaaah! Sugar levels must be so high. Hahahaha! Bahala na si Batman. Zipping the mouth for dinner.

Makati Medical Center was crawling with media people. All the major networks were there. Being “malakas” with the guards, who don’t make me wait for blood tests and all, I asked what all the commotion was about. Apparently, the King of Comedy (Philippines) was confined at the ICU. Hmm. Going about my business, getting registered, paying at the cashier, and having two big vials of “precious” blood extracted from me, I patiently waited for my car.

Then it happens again. The girl at the blood extraction booth asked why I have a cane. All I really can do is smile and say is “I’m half paralyzed”, which leads to other questions then I have to give the long gist of what happened to me. Hahaha. Sometimes I just give my summarized website – Just an UDDER Day in Paradise for them to look up. Sometimes, I get so sick of myself telling the story over and over. Hahaha. You get what I mean. I literally sound like a broken record. But then I am reminded why I had to go through my experience. From there I gain strength and everything just falls into place.

Then momma mode as I had to pick up my son from school. Thankfully he was already waiting up front and not having the guard look for him as he has this habit of taking forever to come down from his classroom. As always, he was full of smiles and non-stop stories of what happened in school. Especially about his two or three new classmates.

When I got home, my order of RAWLICIOUS was already in the ref. Xavier and I were excited to try it. The GREEN MONSTER XAVIER and GREEN HERB JUANI. Coincidence names? I check the green concoction before I order. The Green Monster Xavier has o’greens, pineapple, banana, and o’ginger while the Green Herb JUANi has apple, banana, grens, o’celery, o’basil, and goji berry. They were both good but Xavier preferred the pervious order of Green PEDRO. In any case, here’s the GREEN MINDS. Cheers to that!!


I had forgotten that the cook was going on her annual vacation starting today. It was only when my yaya Helen knocked on my door at around 5:00 pm asking what we were going to have for dinner. Yikes! Top of mind was to open a bottle of Salsa Amaya and grab whatever pasta noodles were available, and good ole fried chicken. Easy stuff. I would be happy with that menu. Just to sure, I called my mom and asked her about dinner. She asked me to ask the maids what their food was and they were just having leftovers from breakfast and lunch. I doubt my mom would want that. She later called me up and said that she ordered food from NINAK.

I’ve heard my mom rave about NINAK several times but until I try it myself, I can’t and won’t absorb what she is saying.
“I ordered Hainanese Chicken Rice, and 3 Satay Rice. Will that be enough for everyone?”
“Yes mom, Xavier isn’t having dinner here….”.
Exactly 7:00pm the delivery man rang the doorbell. As I come down from dinner, one pack (white cardboard box, thank God it wasn’t plastic) was in front of me. My mom had 3 other boxes in front of her. I didn’t bother to check what they had on the other side of the table. I could smell the chicken rice immediately and wanted to dive into it asap.

No time to document the meal. But it was GOOD! I had the Satay Ninak which was surprisingly juicy unlike most Satay Chicken BBQ which end up dry. Need I say more about the chicken rice that came with it? Put it this way, I went beyond my 1/4 cup rice limit. No way was I going to put the rest to waste. I wasn’t able to try the Hain Ninak which is their version of Hainanese Boneless Chicken with side sauces. Must list that down for the next time I order for delivery. Burp. Excuse me.

NINAK Delivery
Delivery Times: Mondays to Sundays 11:00AM to 8:00PM
Delivery within Makati, Ortigas, and Tomas Morato
Makati: 894.4364 & 894.4367
WEBSITE: http://www.ninak.ph/
Twitter: @ninakdelivery

DH Mommas

When the DH Mommas plan something, I make sure that June & Lori will be there. The rest are usually very iffy which in time, you just learn to accept. Sometimes, schedule permitting, Jan, June’s twin, joins us too. The SMS read, dinner at 7pm at Italianni’s Greenbelt, Friday. Found a way to get there and the usual bahala-na-si-Batman getting home. Jan & I were the first to arrive, 7 o’clock on the dot. Lori and June soon followed. “Traffic!!” What else is new? Since we were “complete” by our standards, we ordered. Haha. Only God knows if Dedet and Mel will follow or even show up. Yup, we’re used to it.

After getting compliments from Jan and Cheska, her daughter, I felt good and needed to drink to that. I asked the waiter if they had Sangria in a carafe. Sadly, it was only by the glass. Oh well. Cheers to that anyway. When the server took our orders, I asked for the WiFi password. He returned with a piece of paper and the password which didn’t work. When asked why, iffy daw the connection. Ha. I bet you it wasn’t the real password. Hahaha. I actually asked twice. Martin was the name of our server. Another server got our food orders. Chatting away, chatting away. Food comes and my dish didn’t arrive. Whaaat? The server didn’t jot it down . Grrr. How long does a Fettuccine Tartufo with Prosciutto take? That’s just pasta? Realizing his mistake, I was given a hot bowl of the soup of the day, which actually filled me up. Plus a little bit of everyone’s orders. It’s like Jan and June just load my plate up with whatever they can get their hands on. It tell you, they really take care of me. Thank you. The food was really good but portion size shrunk by half. What used to be good enough for two has been diminished to “I’m not sharing, get your own” size.

Lo and behold! Dedet arrived. Yay! It’s always fun when Dedet is there. Such a good soul and super funny too. We were practically done with our meal when she arrived. More chit chat and Mel actually made it. I needed to drink more! Hahaha. Lori thought that I was drinking Iced Tea but was wondering why I was getting flushed. That was strong Sangria I tell you. Refreshing though. June and Lori were chatting up with our server, Martin. I was wondering what “deals” they were making. Next thing I know I had a long loaf of bread and didn’t need to use my PWD card. Hmm. Yup the discount was there alright. Thanks June & Lori. Well, these folks turn into pumpkins at the stroke of midnight, so it was time to say goodbye. It was fun ladies. Til next time… Cheers to that.

Italianni’s Restaurant, Greenbelt 2
G/F Greenbelt 2, Estrella St., Ayala Center
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 728-0283