Terrific Tuesday?? Hmm.

Belated birthday celebration of June and Jan. Lunch at Cafe Mary Grace with Lori and the celebrant. It seems that it’s usually just three of our who get together often. The others are on the flaky side or simply cannot make it. Haha. Our meetings are more or less always the same. The latest about each ones lives, rant and rave, the food we eat and their husbands and kids or their MIL’s and FIL’s. Haha.

I ordered the Smoked Salmon and Cream which was not bad at all. Not too heavy either. June had a Spicy Lemon Scampi and Lori with her usual sandwich. We have a plate of Dulong as well and no meal is complete without dessert and coffee. I had the Brownie Ala Mode and Brewed Coffee. By the way, I had a scheduled blood test right after lunch which I didn’t have to fast for. Then I realized that what I ate will appear on the tests. Waaaah! Sugar levels must be so high. Hahahaha! Bahala na si Batman. Zipping the mouth for dinner.

Makati Medical Center was crawling with media people. All the major networks were there. Being “malakas” with the guards, who don’t make me wait for blood tests and all, I asked what all the commotion was about. Apparently, the King of Comedy (Philippines) was confined at the ICU. Hmm. Going about my business, getting registered, paying at the cashier, and having two big vials of “precious” blood extracted from me, I patiently waited for my car.

Then it happens again. The girl at the blood extraction booth asked why I have a cane. All I really can do is smile and say is “I’m half paralyzed”, which leads to other questions then I have to give the long gist of what happened to me. Hahaha. Sometimes I just give my summarized website – Just an UDDER Day in Paradise for them to look up. Sometimes, I get so sick of myself telling the story over and over. Hahaha. You get what I mean. I literally sound like a broken record. But then I am reminded why I had to go through my experience. From there I gain strength and everything just falls into place.

Then momma mode as I had to pick up my son from school. Thankfully he was already waiting up front and not having the guard look for him as he has this habit of taking forever to come down from his classroom. As always, he was full of smiles and non-stop stories of what happened in school. Especially about his two or three new classmates.

When I got home, my order of RAWLICIOUS was already in the ref. Xavier and I were excited to try it. The GREEN MONSTER XAVIER and GREEN HERB JUANI. Coincidence names? I check the green concoction before I order. The Green Monster Xavier has o’greens, pineapple, banana, and o’ginger while the Green Herb JUANi has apple, banana, grens, o’celery, o’basil, and goji berry. They were both good but Xavier preferred the pervious order of Green PEDRO. In any case, here’s the GREEN MINDS. Cheers to that!!


RAWlicious, Moringa Citrus & Delimondo

The first time I tried a RAWLICIOUS Smoothie was last December during an outreach program organized Denise Gonzales-Bernardo of Indigo Baby and the rest of the FLOW girls. I just wanted to help out and expose Xavier to the orphan children. He is great with kids. Green smoothies were served and they were really good. Then again, I eat/drink anything.

Being an Authorized Reseller of Indigo Baby, I promote almost everything they promote too. Lately it’s these green smoothies. Curious, I ordered a liter of GREEN PEACE PEDRO which consisted of watermelon, organic lemongrass, apple, wild honey, and organic greens. It was really good that even my son finished half a liter which means that I ran out. Xavier really liked it and asked if we could order more. I said maybe a liter a week.

For Inquiries and Orders please call 0917.8301RAW
RAWLlicious Website

If you follow me on Twitter, you will notice how I rave about the S&R Moringa Citrus juice. I discovered this when my mom brought it home during those months that I was in a cast recuperating from ankle surgery. It the the only thing that was keeping me cool during the hot summer months. It’s addicting I tell you. Apparently, there are two kinds. The regular one which is, I believe is laden with sugar and the sugar-free which is simply delicious. I made the mistake of grabbing the regular one and the 2 kilo one at that. So I shared half with that yayas so it goes fast and it did. The next time I headed to S&R, I made sure I got the correct package. Now I am a happy girl.

The next agenda was my supply of DELIMONDO Corned Beef. I always like to have stock for a rainy day or those days where you don’t want to think of what to eat or cook. It used to be a staple in my mom’s grocery list but she stopped buying them. Well, it is more expensive as the regular ones but it’s all worth it. I got two extra cans for a friend too but only God knows when they’ll get picked up. Haha. It’s my bad that I haven’t opened a can myself. It usually asked my yaya to cook it for me and just telling her what to add and all. It turns out perfectly each time. Diced garlic, onions, tomatoes, and at times potatoes and let it swim a bit in it’s yummy goodness. Sometimes I like it flaked and dry or as my niece Cristina would say, “Crispy Corned Beef”. I still need to get the story straight of where or who conceptualized the recipe. I know that Delimondo is Katrina Ponce-Enrile’s. I remember my cousin, Chef Ed Quimson saying one time that it’s something he “made”. I could be wrong. Must verify. In any case, I will forfeit any diet I may have to have to have my Delimondo fill.