I have been riding more than usual primarily because the consequences that come with it if I don’t. Once in a while, I get a boost of inspiration and tend to exert more effort when I do. Also, if I like the feel of my horse and know I can ask from her a bit more, I push her too. The ride turns into a feel good ride. Because of exerting more effort, I slightly strained my thigh knowing that all it needed was rest and a little massage to loose up the tight muscles. I rested my thigh and was eager to go out and ride again in two days. Unfortunately, because of unforeseen events (like uncleaned juice bottles & floating particles that really got on my nerves), I stormed down the stairs and pulled hamstring all the way through. Puñeta! The pain was excruciating. I had to ask for a chair to sit on while I was scolding the yayas. Had to be helped going up the stairs.

I was bedridden for a week. The first three nights were sleepless for each movement would trigger more pain. Of course I googled what had happened to me. I tried to schedule an appointment with my orthopedic surgeon/doctor but both centers were fully booked and had no choice but to grab the next available slot which was 2 weeks after the injury.

Since you can pretty much find anything and everything in the net, I “treated” my PULLED HAMSTRING according to my findings with the assistance of Chris, my PT after my surgery a year ago.

R.I.C.E – Rest. Ice. Compress. Elevate. This is what I did in the meantime. A pulled hamstring takes about 2-3 weeks to heal. I’m on week 3 plus 6 PT sessions.

(to be con’t)


Busy Bee. As Busy As A Bee Can Be.

After being practically lethargic for two months or so, today was indeed a busy busy day. I had to be up about by 7:30am, the usual morning breakfast ritual, a round or two for walking around the sala and comedor, then get dressed for a doctor’s results check up (an every 3 month blood routine I need), pick up my son from school, rush home for lunch, then off again for my Physical Therapy session. In between all that were SMS, emails, and calls from clients. Thank you very much.

Until this day, my yaya wonders why most of the security guards both male & female, all scramble to their feet when they see me arrive at the hospital lobby. Hahaha! “Para kang reyna ma’am Bets.” I keep telling my yaya that after going to PT and whatnot for more than 10 years, I’m bound to be known. The years too that my father was in and out of the hospital until he succumbed to Stage 4 Renal and Lung Cancer in 2009. BUT, more than that is because, I do chit chat with them while waiting for the elevator, or my car to pick me up, or even at the laboratory, where guard makes me “singit” in line. Ooops sorry folks. It pays to be nice and to smile and acknowledge their presence, say please and thank you. I’m sure that’s all they ask for.

Worried that I was not going to be able to pick up my son from school on time, I was probably so kulit with the nurse of my endocrinologist. I did ask her twice if it was my turn. While waiting, I knew I was bound to bump into physical therapists I knew and I did. Bumped into the Jun who was my therapist for at least 9 years. He was headed to treat a confined patient, parked his cart, and sat beside me. He is the only person I will allow to call me, “Betchay”, the rest, dagger looks. Hahaha. Just kidding. Thankfully, my test results all came out good. Still within normal range except ONE but, it was still lower than the previous reading. When the doctor showed me the results, there was only one thing that came to mind. ZUBUCHON! Yes, I was thinking of lechon while talking to her, praying she couldn’t read my thoughts. See you in 3 months Dra.O-S =)

My driver zooms through the streets of Makati at any given hour of the day. From the hospital, Ayala Avenue, Makati Ave., Pasay Rd., EDSA-SB, Villamor Airbase, Pasong Tamo Ext. in less than 10 minutes. No kidding. Got home, had lunch (leftover roast chicken and malungay calamansi juice) and even had time to prepare waybills, book for pick up, shipments for courier, before I headed out again, this time for PT. A bit dismayed that I was not having my PT at the hospital, I knew I really didn’t have a choice. Budget restraints and milking the insurance company for not paying for my surgery, was my consolation. Got to POI at 1:30pm (PT was at 2:00pm) because I know I had paperwork to fill up, and not familiar with the place, I had to “feel” the place.

My therapist is Chris. Nice soft spoken guy but reminds me of a guy I knew. Even my yaya couldn’t place where she has “seen” him before. Hahahahaha! No comment. My PT program is mostly strengthening of my leg that was in a cast for 50 days. The atrophy due to the paralysis etc. It felt nostalgic being inside a “plint” or a divider, hot packs, therabands, and other physical therapy devices including the ES – Electrical Stimulation (…. tsk tsk… boys, behave) which uses electrical currents to create muscle contraction, to increase strength etc.  All of which I have come to be familiar with through the 10 years I was a PT Rehab patient. More gym exercises and more walking. As always over exerting myself thinking I’m Wonder Woman. Sige lang ng sige. Fight. Hahaha!

This was waiting for me when I got home. Thank you so much Ms. Lani of the Barangay “for something you to munch on.” as stated in her SMS to me. How sweet of her to send a gift knowing that I was stuck at home all this time. Good munch with a cold cold glass of Guyabano juice. Nomnomnom.

Truth is, I’m pooped. Another day Bettina. Another day. Ciao.