Growing up, I don’t think Pimiento Cheese was a staple at home. If ever it was only in the form of CheezWhiz which I would use to spruce up a kiddie macaroni and cheese. I honestly do not know why I even started wanting Pimiento Cheese. Must have been something I saw on the Food Network and started craving for it. After browsing through several recipes, I got a little ingredientsfrom here and there and concocted my own.

PC103The first batch I made was for my son’s Teacher’s Day get together. My son wanted cheese sticks but I wasn’t in the mood for wrapping individual sticks. Since my son said that the student council was ona budget, then I had to scrimp on the ingredients but definitely not the flavor. I haven’t heard feedback from the teachers yet. Let’s see.

PC102The second batch was more expensive because of the ingredients I used. Definitely richer and stronger in flavor because I used Seriously Strong Cheddar Cheese and Mature Cheese from a company called Mclelland. But it was good.

PC101I made my son bring a jar to his friend’s houses yesterday. They must have enjoyed and their mother’s want to order from me. Teehee.