Chris, John & Chicken Rice

At least with Chris, I have been able to set a DATE. At least I see him 2x a week. Then now there’s John. I’ve seen him twice this week as well. Hahaha. Inside Bettina’s head joke. Oh never mind, seems like a hopeless case. I was able to snatch six more PT sessions from the health insurance provider. Thank you very much. I did say I would milk them for every centavo I could since they didn’t want to pay for my surgery right? As long as I get the slips, I’m using every one of them.

Chris was busy today but would check on me from time to time. John did the bed exercises with me and even up to the walking. He said that I was walking faster and better today as compared to two days ago. I just get frustrated and scared when my foot twists as bit. It’s really time to get new sneakers and more sturdier ones. Because of the brace, I wear a size or two bigger just to accommodate the brace. Since I’m learning to walk without a brace, obviously, my sneakers are too big. Which is dangerous too. I could trip or fall or even break my ankle (knock on wood). Can’t seem to part with the New Balance though. =(. When I get my new brace next week, I will go sneaker shopping. Who’s with me?

I was dying to take a nap after PT and eat something since I didn’t have lunch again but when I asked the cook what dinner was, I didn’t bother to raid the fridge. Hainanese Chicken Rice and Thai Spring Rolls was for dinner tonight. Oooh lala. If you’re nice, I’ll give you the recipes. Time for a massage.


Two Rounds & More

When I woke up this morning I was excited. I was going to PT in the afternoon. Maybe adding an extra round without a brace again. Since I was “bad” last night, I had Oatmeal & Peanut Butter & Coffee for breakfast to wash away my sins. Hahaha. A bit bummed by something, but things that I cannot control shouldn’t control me either. I had PT to look forward to at the least. A little Twitter exchange with whoever was on line. My son reminding me that he’s having friends over tonight. Making sure that there were would be food for the kids since the cook went on day-off. Then to get ready. Yes, I still have my bath in  bed.  My yaya is a expert now. The water only trickles down from the shower and faucet in the guest bathroom and I think my mom is exasperated already and wants me out of the den.

I don’t bring a wheelchair around anymore to force me to walk and get my muscles going. It’s only a few steps from the car, to the lobby, up the elevator, and into the PT Department. C’mon Bettina, don’t be Ms. Lazybones. Hahaha. As always, Chris greeted me with a smile and I guess a standard thing to ask how I was feeling. Nothing much changed with the bed exercises except this time my ankle had weights. Ah-ha! My problem is I can’t lift my legs when I’m on my tummy. I have to look at the mirror to see what I’m doing. Chris & I presumed that it was the rewiring of my brain. Hahaha. I just laughed it off as I usually do. 

I promised a video but the first video my yaya took was a huge file that I couldn’t open. I could open some but the camera was all over the place. Still need to give credit to my yaya Helen. I’ll figure it how somehow of how I can post a video. In the meantime, all I have are pictures.

I still need my baston (Lofstrand Forearm Crutch)for balance and as you can see, making Chris still hold me. He says I can do without him holding. In time Chris. In time. I did two rounds around the department and other leg exercises in the parallel bars.

The corner turns are a bit tricky. I kinda lose my balance. Something I still have to learn in time. For more than 12 years, I was entirely dependent on a wheelchair and then a crutch and of course my AFO (leg brace) to get me walking or moving.  Who would have thought that it would be possible for me to “walk” again?  The activities of daily living (ADL), is one thing that people take for granted. Going up and down stairs, hopping on and off an escalator or elevator, brushing your teeth, taking a bath, combing your hair, going to the bathroom… I can go on and on. In all of this, it makes one realize how much we take things and people for granted. The simplest things in life that we just brush aside because we’re used to them being “there”. Well, DON’T. Because one day, pray that it doesn’t, people and things just vanish or lose interest and move on to hopefully better things. Then what?


It has been exactly 50 days since I had my surgery. It has been 50 days since I had a full leg cast & knee length one as well. 50 days without TV. 50 days of staying in a make shift room (the den) which I have called The Blissful Suite. 50 days on bed pan duties… and well, 50 days. Now, CAST-less. While waiting for my turn at the doctor’s clinic, this is what I was doing.
When the nurse came to me saying that I needed X-rays to be done, I knew I forgot something. Darn it, I forgot about it. I forgot to include a referral slip for X-rays. Consultation, done. Cast Removal, done. Uh-oh. How much will it cost this time? I didn’t have time or a way to go get a referral slip from my insurance. (I could hear someone’s voice in my head, “presence of mind huh?”. haha. fine fine.)

My surgeon led me to the casting room were he and his nurse sawed-off the cast with this contraption which I was terrified of that first time my upper leg cast was removed. I was more at ease this time. The shriek drilling sound wasn’t too bad anymore. My son asked if I could bring home the cast and “by all means” is what the surgeon said. He was probably glad I brought it home as to minimize their garbage disposal.


STITCHES all over. 4-5 all over the ankle for the 3 procedures that was done. That actually is nothing compared to what the surgeon showed me right after surgery. Uh-huh, my ankle in it’s opened glory with clamps & screws to pry open the ankle. There goes all the skin & casting gunk that needs to scraped off during baths…did I hear BATHS? Finally, an actual “FLOWING WATER SHOWER/BATH”. Although, I was getting spoiled with those “beddy baths” where my yaya had to often nudge me to wake up after she was done with one side and another or when I was done with my shampoo. (ala parlor style) Hahaha.

In the span of 12 years, I have had a total of 3 AFOs (ankle-foot orthotic) which were all made in the US. Luckily, there is a local orthotis here in Manila which means that I don’t have to travel all the way to the US primarily for that reason. My surgeon told me to bring whatever I had and see if I can still use them as not to spend any more money. I will need to that support while my ankle recovers and strengthens.  I was afraid that my ankle wouldn’t fit due to swelling or that I gained weight or that it changed a lot. Luckily, it was the 2nd brace that fit to a T.

Yes. It’s EXACTLY how my brace and leg looked like pre-surgery except now you know what it looks like inside. Here’s to the long days ahead and thereafter. I did say, surgery was just the first step. Right?

As promised, I would give my cast to my son. Don’t ask me what he’ll do it. Enjoy your new toy my love. After the long day, I deserve a treat. Don’t judge me. Yup. I have a stash in my freezer. Trust me. It won’t freeze up and get icy.