Chris, John & Chicken Rice

At least with Chris, I have been able to set a DATE. At least I see him 2x a week. Then now there’s John. I’ve seen him twice this week as well. Hahaha. Inside Bettina’s head joke. Oh never mind, seems like a hopeless case. I was able to snatch six more PT sessions from the health insurance provider. Thank you very much. I did say I would milk them for every centavo I could since they didn’t want to pay for my surgery right? As long as I get the slips, I’m using every one of them.

Chris was busy today but would check on me from time to time. John did the bed exercises with me and even up to the walking. He said that I was walking faster and better today as compared to two days ago. I just get frustrated and scared when my foot twists as bit. It’s really time to get new sneakers and more sturdier ones. Because of the brace, I wear a size or two bigger just to accommodate the brace. Since I’m learning to walk without a brace, obviously, my sneakers are too big. Which is dangerous too. I could trip or fall or even break my ankle (knock on wood). Can’t seem to part with the New Balance though. =(. When I get my new brace next week, I will go sneaker shopping. Who’s with me?

I was dying to take a nap after PT and eat something since I didn’t have lunch again but when I asked the cook what dinner was, I didn’t bother to raid the fridge. Hainanese Chicken Rice and Thai Spring Rolls was for dinner tonight. Oooh lala. If you’re nice, I’ll give you the recipes. Time for a massage.


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Because of what happened last night, I woke up feverish with a stuffed “I cand bred” nose. Really, the body takes rejection in different ways. Well, I was not going to give in to that. Did my usual morning routine, fiber breakfast and just lazed around reading tweets and emails, watching some shows (my yummy b), hoping that my clogged nose and temp would go away. Luckily it did as I was going to take my 2nd Bath in the bathroom with running water. The hot water did me good. The shampoo even better. Had to get ready for another visit to Dr. G., my orthopedic surgeon.

I have been seeing him every 2 weeks since the operation, more than I can say for others. Haha. Just kidding busy bee. I was a bit too early for my appointment as my mom needed the car at a certain time. I didn’t mind at all because Surf’s Up was showing on the big screen and this small family planning their trip out loud. I was pretty sure someone was trying to… oh never mind. Ooops, my turn.

Apparently, while I was walking towards Dr. G., he was observing the way I was walking. So much better than from the first time he saw me. My foot wasn’t twisting inward. Even though I can walk without a brace, he says that I still tend to lean on one side. To be safe and while muscles are still building, I need a brace still. Safety first. I will need a shoe that’s a bit sturdier than my time-to-retire New Balance pair. =( I love New Balance. The most comfortable pair I’ve ever had since my brain operation. I’ve tried Nike and Sketchers. They were okay for lack of choice until I discovered the comfort of New Balance. Walking around Hong Kong with my best bud for 3 days was the ultimate test. I’ll need like a boot or a high-cut shoe. I saw one that I really like. I just wish they were available here. I guess my next project is to look for good shoes and back to boots.

I passed by the club, first time since I was confined, because I had to empty my locker in the ladies locker room. The reason why I had that locker was because I was traumatized my Ondoy and wanted to make sure that Xavier & I had a whole set of clothes and slippers and towels and toiletries stashed away to the place where we usually are. Had to give that up as well. At first I was just going to ask my yaya to get my stuff but I said I’d try to go up and down the stairs slowly. Well, what do you know? It was just like normal. Of course I did I slowly. There is a ramp but I hate ramps. I’d rather go up and down stairs. So YES. I was able to. Which means, I go back to my room on the second floor, 17 steps more or less. But shhhh…. don’t tell anyone okay? Aww… I was beginning to like it here. Really I was. It’s like I had my own little suite.

When I got home, SURPRISE! @RommelJuan sent me @Binalot because of a little teasing the other day. Hahaha! Thank you so much! It was perfect timing because I hadn’t eaten lunch yet (4:00pm) and the leftover pizza my mom brought home from the Chukker was definitely not enough. It was gooooood! Thank you Mr. Juan. So earthlings, be sure to check out

When things don’t turn out the way you want them too, it simply means that, it wasn’t meant for you, or something else will turn up or just something better is coming your way. In any case always be thankful and grateful for the blessings you receive each day.