My Life Forever Altered; July 6, 1999

It’s the time of the year when I usually feel nostalgic. It’s an anniversary and the day that my son was born. I’ve been wanting to compile the letters and well wishes of those who visited me in the hospital almost 13 years ago. Trying to clean out my drawers, I found these two emails from Monica Llamas, one of my oldest, dearest, best friend and Mel Henson, a batch mate, head of our student council then. I’ll write something more apt later on but for now the email she sent out. Thank you my love.

7 July 1999
Subject: Bettina needs your prayers.

Hi everyone,
My apologies to those who are getting this email a second time – I just thought I’d send it to everyone, so we can all say as many prayers for Bettina as possible. If you have know batchmates who aren’t in my mailing list, please forward this email to them as well.

Hello everyone, Bettina del Rosario is in the hospital as of this moment undergoing an operation and she needs your prayers. She experienced a brain aneurysm while giving birth to her baby via c-section last night. She is in a coma right now. She needs blood and she needs your prayers. She is at Makati Medical Center if you should decide to visit or give blood.

Thank you. Monica

11 July 1999
Subject: Bettina del Rosario

Dear People,
Most of you have been informed about the condition of our friend Bettina del Rosario. For those who don’t yet, Bettina gave birth to a cute little boy named Luis Xavier last July 6. He is a month shy from being full term but he is a vision of strength, his mother should be proud. Unfortunately, Bettina isn’t well. The next day she was discovered to have a hematoma in the left side of her brain and they needed to operate on her to relieve the pressure. It was a very long Wednesday but Bettina miraculously survived. The family was told that she would be observed for the next five days and if she makes it then she would have a good chance of surviving. She is now at the ICU of Makati Medical Center. It’s day four now and so far she has been responding well to people. She squeezes hands in response to questions and yesterday (Saturday) she opened her eyes every so often. We are all hoping for the best.

She still needs your continued prayers because she has a long way to go. Please pass this e-mail to others. Our prayers seem to be working because even the doctors are surprised with how good she is doing.

Also, to those and who know people who are AB+ please make yourself known. Bettina does not need blood as of the moment but when she does we would like to be able to contact those who are able to give blood.

Keep on praying and hoping.,

Reading the emails made me laugh because I don’t remember a thing especially when Monica said that I opened my eyes and even squeezed hands as a response. All I know was that I was in a coma for 10 days and took about a month to really know my bearings. I have a notebook where everyone who visited wrote notes and all. When my mom would read them to me, I actually felt bad in the sense that I didn’t have much visitors as depicted in this notes. Apparently, I was not allowed visitors except immediate family and close friends as not to get contaminated and for me to recover asap. This will be a first of a series regarding the initial weeks or months of what it was really like.

For the FULL STORY, Please visit Just an UDDER day in Paradise – click HERE


Terrific Tuesday?? Hmm.

Belated birthday celebration of June and Jan. Lunch at Cafe Mary Grace with Lori and the celebrant. It seems that it’s usually just three of our who get together often. The others are on the flaky side or simply cannot make it. Haha. Our meetings are more or less always the same. The latest about each ones lives, rant and rave, the food we eat and their husbands and kids or their MIL’s and FIL’s. Haha.

I ordered the Smoked Salmon and Cream which was not bad at all. Not too heavy either. June had a Spicy Lemon Scampi and Lori with her usual sandwich. We have a plate of Dulong as well and no meal is complete without dessert and coffee. I had the Brownie Ala Mode and Brewed Coffee. By the way, I had a scheduled blood test right after lunch which I didn’t have to fast for. Then I realized that what I ate will appear on the tests. Waaaah! Sugar levels must be so high. Hahahaha! Bahala na si Batman. Zipping the mouth for dinner.

Makati Medical Center was crawling with media people. All the major networks were there. Being “malakas” with the guards, who don’t make me wait for blood tests and all, I asked what all the commotion was about. Apparently, the King of Comedy (Philippines) was confined at the ICU. Hmm. Going about my business, getting registered, paying at the cashier, and having two big vials of “precious” blood extracted from me, I patiently waited for my car.

Then it happens again. The girl at the blood extraction booth asked why I have a cane. All I really can do is smile and say is “I’m half paralyzed”, which leads to other questions then I have to give the long gist of what happened to me. Hahaha. Sometimes I just give my summarized website – Just an UDDER Day in Paradise for them to look up. Sometimes, I get so sick of myself telling the story over and over. Hahaha. You get what I mean. I literally sound like a broken record. But then I am reminded why I had to go through my experience. From there I gain strength and everything just falls into place.

Then momma mode as I had to pick up my son from school. Thankfully he was already waiting up front and not having the guard look for him as he has this habit of taking forever to come down from his classroom. As always, he was full of smiles and non-stop stories of what happened in school. Especially about his two or three new classmates.

When I got home, my order of RAWLICIOUS was already in the ref. Xavier and I were excited to try it. The GREEN MONSTER XAVIER and GREEN HERB JUANI. Coincidence names? I check the green concoction before I order. The Green Monster Xavier has o’greens, pineapple, banana, and o’ginger while the Green Herb JUANi has apple, banana, grens, o’celery, o’basil, and goji berry. They were both good but Xavier preferred the pervious order of Green PEDRO. In any case, here’s the GREEN MINDS. Cheers to that!!