Good Ole Paper & Pen

Despite the ease of blogging on-line, I still revert back to the good ole pen and paper. Plus, with all these yummy on-line shopping finds, it couldn’t be better. Yes, I hoard. One can never have too many blank notebooks ya?

As many know or don’t know, I had to learn to write with my left hand after my brain operation. After much practice, I think I’ve gotten it back to a T. But I realized that my penmanship greatly depends on the kind of ballpoint I use. I like them THICK. Haha. Because of this, the number of pretty pens I got from an on line shop I need to give away. I’m sure someone is happy with them.😊

I have given away double of the amount posted and I hope “they” are happy with them. Too bad I really can’t write decently with them. I’m sure I will find more “finds”. Cheers to online shopping.



Lazy day Sunday equals going through my “junk”. I found this. A “blank book” I bought from a quaint bookstore below the apartment I stayed in for a week or so in the heart of San Francisco, California. I stayed with a childhood friend Christian, who would be at work during the day leaving me free to roam the city streets. Opera Plaza is a luxurious place with a 601 Van Ness Avenue address. Yup! That’s where he lived. I picked up this blank book which was perfect for what I was going through at that time. The cover was a quote from Oscar Wilde. “I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.”

First thing that greeted me when I opened the journal was my old “capital letters” handwriting. Later on my Assumption College cursive writing which a bit different from how I write now. As many know, I had to learn how to write and do everything with my left hand from being right handed. It took a lot of practice. I remember my nurse Irene, would set time during the day just to practice letters and numbers. We had those grade school notebooks with red and blue lines as a guide. Yes it took time, frustrating at times but it all paid off. I now write with my left hand, and my handwriting is practically if not even better. Practice practice practice.

I read my entries in that journal which I never finished. It was my US Trip with cousins and friends. Millbrae, Hillsborough, San Francisco, LA, Malibu, and the Mojave Desert. An adventure and an experience indeed. I almost missed my flight back home. I have to thank my lucky stars that I flew First Class on that trip. No eye raising eyebrows when I entered the plane. Hahaha.