The Girls Fresh Hong Kong

After a month or two pf planning, endless get togethers just for the sake of it, and lots of vino in between & cocktails, the day finally came. The trip dubbed as The Girls Fresh HK (Hong Kong). The best 5 days with my best friends. Totally epic. DinnerAtCasaCordovaBreakkieAtTheSadhwanis It was emotional too for some but it just sums up how much we all truly love each other. We have been friends all our lives. Some since they were in pre-school. Some since the first grade. Some since first year high school. Do the math and you’ll see how long we’ve been friends. Meeting up at the airport all dressed in black, game faces on, sash-wearing with pins (c/o Ana. Thank you Ana! We have no shame whatsoever. Hahaha.IMG_8647.JPG Last flight in and lucky to catch the last train to the city too. It was going to be the start of the Girls Fresh HK adventure.    IMG_8648.JPG This trip was a celebration of all sorts. Major one was Monica’s bachee where we dedicated one whole day for her. *to be cont