BP Apparatus

According to Wikipedia, a Sphygmomanometer, better known as blood pressure meter “is a device used to measure blood pressure, composed of an inflatable cuff to restrict blood flow, and a mercury or mechanical manometer to measure the pressure. It is always used in conjunction with a means to determine at what pressure blood flow is just starting, and at what pressure it is unimpeded. Manual sphygmomanometers are used in conjunction with a stethoscope.” A device I have come to know too well or a must have at home.

My parents both have high blood pressure and diabetes. My mother had a double or triple bypass operation in 1991 under the infamous, Dr. Jorge Garcia. My father had Stage 4 Renal and Lung cancer in 2001 and eventually succumbed to his death in January 2009. I on the other hand have hypertension and a whole list of maintenance medicines which I should take daily. Thus, a BP Apparatus is needed on stand by.

My uncle, my father’s youngest brother, has been in a coma for 34 years and has been living with us ever since my grandmother passed away. I think Tito Joe, moved in 2006 if I’m not mistaken. Therefore, we have round the clock midwives/nurses that I can run to when I feel my BP go up or minor emergencies. The other day, after a tiring ride, my head started to hurt. I called for the midwife on duty and she comes up to my room with meters and meters of electrical wire and a tiny portable electronic BP machine. I gasped in shock because she looked like she was going on some mountain trek. I was like, WHAT IS THAT??!! What happened to the old unit? The midwife and I ended up laughing our heads off. The poor thing was sweating beads probably from dismantling the wires leading up to the electrical socket only to have my BP checked. I really should have taken a picture of her for posterity’s sake. Hehehe. Still laughing, I told the midwife to return the web of wires and apparatus and just use our own that has been tucked away somewhere. It was just too funny.

In the meantime, the app is with me. I can feel my BP fluctuating. Will probably call the midwife in a bit. I just had to share because it was too funny. Hahaha. Everyday, find something to laugh about. Something to be thankful for. The little things that matter. It may be little to you but could be significant to others. Please don’t forget to SMILE.


Look Ma! No Brace & Rice Dream

I often forget that I can stand up and walk without a brace. At least walk without a brace with shoes. I promised myself that I would stand up every day for minutes without a brace. As soon as I feel the twist, I sit down. Yes, I’m still scared. At least I’m trying. I only walk without a brace during PT sessions. I haven’t tried or dared myself to walk out without a brace. The Rehab Center has been a “safe haven” so to speak. But in any case, here I am standing on my two feet without a brace.

I do this as I wait for breakfast. Teehee. This morning, I felt like having cereal and the Rice Dream Organic Milk I bought from Rustan’s last Monday. It was 30% off so I couldn’t resist. I bought two cartons. The first time I came across Rice Dream was in Hong Kong last November when Tita Marivic & I stayed with Denise & Henrick after the RDA Conference. Amelia, their daughter has a allergy to Cow’s Milk or noticed that she was always congested and phlegmy. Pediatrician suggested to use Rice Milk instead. So breakfast time came and there was no milk for the coffee or cereal except, yes, Rice Milk.

I think since last November, I was only able to buy a carton once and then it was back to regular Pure & Best or Holly’s or Nestle. Having more time to enjoy my breakfast, I read the carton. This is what it said.

It has more carbs than cow’s milk. Honestly, I’m after the taste. Is it time to cheers? Yes my son and I do our nightly cheers to a glass of milk. Ciao!

Inching My Way Back To “Normalcy”

With two more PT sessions to go, I have eased my way back to “normalcy”. I have spent two afternoons at the stables this week hanging out with Tita Marivic, watching her students. Inhaling the bullring dust and aroma of the horses, that’s heaven to me. I must admit, my ass is itching to get back into the saddle. I pity my horse though having to have me on her in this sweltering fever heat. I was surprised to see that most of the students were boys. There was this 9 year old boy who rode very well. He looked like a pro. What a cutie. I must get the go signal from my surgeon to ride again. I guess on my next visit in a few weeks or I can just ride. I mean, I know my body more than anyone right? Right Chris? Hmm… I just have to BE EXTRA careful. It was so nice to bump into Mikee and her boys, our kids have all grown. Why why? While my son is at football which is just in plain eyesight from the bullring, I chit chat with T. Marivic or whoever else is there. Usually parents of the riders. In fact, I was even able to sell Indigo Baby’s Sun Is Shining Sunblock to one of them. I had a tub in my bag to make sure that my son applies before going out in the field. As I type this, it’s being delivered to my client. Yay! 

Many on TWITTER have asked about this Mushroom Chocolate/Coffee that I have been raving about. I posted about the Mushroom Coffee a few posts back. This time it’s the chocolate version. Each box has 20 sashets of 30g. If you are interested, I can ask the midwife I get it from to get in touch with you. It’s P350 per box. (P17.50 per). This is where I indulge. I use 1 sachet of Mushroom Coffee and 1 sachet of Mushroom Chocolate. DELISH I tell you. =)

Here are the benefits of Ganaderma (Mushroom) Chocolate Drink:


POLYSACCHARIDE: Strengthens immune system. Balances sugar level in the blood system. Controls destruction of cells. Eliminates toxins.

ORGANIC GERMANIUM: Increases oxygen level in the blood stream. Reduces fatigue. Strengthens the immune system. Increases body’s metabolism.

VITAMINS: Plays an essential role in the physiological process and body’s metabolism.

MINERAL: Helps maintain good health. Plays an important role in the physiological process and reconstruction of body tissues.

PROTEIN: Builds new cells and restores damaged tissues needed in the production of enzyme, antibodies, hemoglobin and hormones.

TRITERPENES: Lower blood cholesterol, anti-oxidant, normalizes hormones, anti-hypertensive.

ADENOSINE: Strengthen the nerves and brain functions, improves blood flow and circulation.

A nutritious and energizing drink formulated from Ganoderma Lucidum extract, high quality cocoa, non dairy creamer and skimmed milk. It is an excellent drink for all ages!

CHEERS to that!