I had forgotten that the cook was going on her annual vacation starting today. It was only when my yaya Helen knocked on my door at around 5:00 pm asking what we were going to have for dinner. Yikes! Top of mind was to open a bottle of Salsa Amaya and grab whatever pasta noodles were available, and good ole fried chicken. Easy stuff. I would be happy with that menu. Just to sure, I called my mom and asked her about dinner. She asked me to ask the maids what their food was and they were just having leftovers from breakfast and lunch. I doubt my mom would want that. She later called me up and said that she ordered food from NINAK.

I’ve heard my mom rave about NINAK several times but until I try it myself, I can’t and won’t absorb what she is saying.
“I ordered Hainanese Chicken Rice, and 3 Satay Rice. Will that be enough for everyone?”
“Yes mom, Xavier isn’t having dinner here….”.
Exactly 7:00pm the delivery man rang the doorbell. As I come down from dinner, one pack (white cardboard box, thank God it wasn’t plastic) was in front of me. My mom had 3 other boxes in front of her. I didn’t bother to check what they had on the other side of the table. I could smell the chicken rice immediately and wanted to dive into it asap.

No time to document the meal. But it was GOOD! I had the Satay Ninak which was surprisingly juicy unlike most Satay Chicken BBQ which end up dry. Need I say more about the chicken rice that came with it? Put it this way, I went beyond my 1/4 cup rice limit. No way was I going to put the rest to waste. I wasn’t able to try the Hain Ninak which is their version of Hainanese Boneless Chicken with side sauces. Must list that down for the next time I order for delivery. Burp. Excuse me.

NINAK Delivery
Delivery Times: Mondays to Sundays 11:00AM to 8:00PM
Delivery within Makati, Ortigas, and Tomas Morato
Makati: 894.4364 & 894.4367
Twitter: @ninakdelivery


Chris, John & Chicken Rice

At least with Chris, I have been able to set a DATE. At least I see him 2x a week. Then now there’s John. I’ve seen him twice this week as well. Hahaha. Inside Bettina’s head joke. Oh never mind, seems like a hopeless case. I was able to snatch six more PT sessions from the health insurance provider. Thank you very much. I did say I would milk them for every centavo I could since they didn’t want to pay for my surgery right? As long as I get the slips, I’m using every one of them.

Chris was busy today but would check on me from time to time. John did the bed exercises with me and even up to the walking. He said that I was walking faster and better today as compared to two days ago. I just get frustrated and scared when my foot twists as bit. It’s really time to get new sneakers and more sturdier ones. Because of the brace, I wear a size or two bigger just to accommodate the brace. Since I’m learning to walk without a brace, obviously, my sneakers are too big. Which is dangerous too. I could trip or fall or even break my ankle (knock on wood). Can’t seem to part with the New Balance though. =(. When I get my new brace next week, I will go sneaker shopping. Who’s with me?

I was dying to take a nap after PT and eat something since I didn’t have lunch again but when I asked the cook what dinner was, I didn’t bother to raid the fridge. Hainanese Chicken Rice and Thai Spring Rolls was for dinner tonight. Oooh lala. If you’re nice, I’ll give you the recipes. Time for a massage.