Not knowing that there was going to be a tournament this weekend, we weren’t really prepared. What was important was that Xavier and I had a way to the venue and we were physically there. I just made sure he had a thermos full of water & ice. I had a small cooler with my iced coffee (we were picked up at 6:45am. Brain cells not functioning yet), a bottle of Bayani Brew (should bring MORE next time) and several bananas for Xavier and his friends to last the tournament. Made sure Xavier had breakfast & I just grabbed a pandesal. Bahala na si Batman.

We didn’t know too that they would be playing at least 3-4 games and depending if they make it to the finals. Before anything else, we didn’t know where on earth the venue was. Haha. Google Maps weren’t too helpful. Then again, there were alternative routes. Getting to C5 was not a problem. That was easy. It was getting off C5 not knowing what exit to take. We even had to call one of the coaches to help us. He came to our rescue but sped away in his motorcycle leaving us back to square one. Literally back to where we started off. That being Market Market. Hahaha. Adventure in the early morn. At least Xavier & I were not alone and that Maricel and Mattia were troopers as well. The poor boys were probably laughing at us. Two mothers not knowing where we were and not knowing where we were going. If only PROPER SIGNS and directions were given, we wouldn’t have gotten lost as it was as EASY as 123. Sigh! We got to the grounds with a minute to spare. It was initially a 6 man team including the goalie. Reinforcements came later on after 2 or 3 games passed.

01 - Rizal High School Field

Each time Xavier would come back to me, he was a tad bit muddier as I could see him being tackled, rolling on the wet muddy field. I could see him be more aggressive and sure of himself. All the kids were playing well despite being only 5 on the field. Team work and communication was key. After 5-6 hours of play, minutes in between rest, the boys played well and emerged CHAMPIONS in the BORN 1998-2000 Category and the MVP of the tournament from AGILA-MSA.

02 - Champions! Born 1998-2000

03 - MVP

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S Agila-MSA!!
Congratulations Luis Xavier!! MVP! Yay!
Great Job boys! One game at a time.