Losing My Wallet, Claude 9, and BJs

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you misplace or lose your wallet? My government issued ID’s, my credit cards, my healthcare ID, and important calling cards. Cash? I hardly have any. Hahaha. Surprisingly though, I didn’t go ballistic realizing that my wallet was missing. Retracing my steps of when I last opened my wallet, asking my son, who usually carries my bag when the last time I needed my wallet. “Momma, when you were about to pay for the Jamaican Patties in the grocery but Mom paid for it.” Which meant that my wallet must have fallen out of my bag without my knowing. Except, my bag did feel differently, a bit lighter, I failed to check if anything was missing.

It was only yesterday mid afternoon when I needed my wallet to pay the driver for fresh coconuts that I asked for. Frack! Shaking my bag furiously, picking up its contents one by one, and true enough my wallet was not there. I immediately googled Landmark and looked for their number. Thank goodness it was available and updated. I was transferred from one department to another. Only two which was a relief. The lost and found items are retrieved from the Foreign Exchange counter. On the phone, they asked me to describe my wallet, the items inside, how much cash I had, and one or two kinds of credit cards. The champion answer I gave was silly. Who the hell has a flashlight in her wallet? I do. When I said that, the girl said, “Ma’am, we have your wallet.” Phew. I did have to explain when I thought I lost it and where. Right in front of the cashier counter where the Jamaican Patties booth was and around 5:00 pm. My description was the the T so they released my wallet right away. Yes, I had to fill up forms. No biggie. I did notice though that all my cash, credit cards, calling cards in between were all facing the wrong way. I am OC when it comes to how my wallet is fixed. Oh, my yaya knows that too.

After that I did have to do some errands for mother dearest. Grocery time again. This time my personal needs and jars of Taba ng Talangka and Burong Hipon. None were available. To save on gas, instead of going home, I waited in my mom’s office. Good thing I didn’t have to wait too long and if ever I do have to, no worries because I can snatch free WiFi from (beep beep beep). Thank you very much. Teehee.

When I got home, I let out a big sigh of relief. Images of IDs, credit cards, flashed before my eyes. I immediately asked for BJs! Cold and meaty BJs. Gulp gulp gulp. Had this together with dinner which was Arroz Ala Cubana. I have been so careful with my wallet all these years. I only lost one because it was snatched from me. Remembering that wallet made me realize that there was a reason why it was stolen from me. Hahaha. I must have been doing away with things and people that were insignificant or detrimental to my well being. God does move in mysterious ways indeed. BJ cheers to that.


Malunggay Coffee and Bibingka

Breakfast Cheers; First VITA Plus 100% Pure Coffee as the packet states is enough to make 5 cups of coffee. Being so used to the strong Barako coffee, I use half a sachet for my daily coffee. I have been adding condensed milk making it a Vietnamese Style coffee which is usually served in those stainless steel strainer and brewer in one cups which we fortunately have several of. I’m still looking for the strong coffee taste, but I can hear my “guardian angel” to take it easy on the coffee as not to get palpitations and high BP. Well, I’m happy to report that since I have been taking this Moringa Coffee and juice, my BP has been very stable.

My mom brought home Bibingka from Ferino’s over the weekend and we immediately asked for more sliced red/salted eggs. I couldn’t finish half. I’m sure a little mouse did. Food food glorious food!