I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. You have to PUT IT OUT THERE. You have to shout it out to the world for the universe listens. You can say almost anything on Twitter, well, you can but with everything else, with discretion. This is not the first time this happens to me. Sometimes, I tweet a personal thought, of course no one knows who the tweet is directed to, but I just put it out there. Next thing I know, that personal tweet comes true in one way or the other. Over the past months, especially when I was recuperating from my ankle surgery, I was stuck at home only leaving the house for doctor’s appointments. I didn’t have cable TV in the room I was staying in. My movements were very limited and a few number of visitors that would spend time in my “Blissful Suite”. Thank you. To make a long story short, I was this close to losing my mind. Haha. Well, I was bored most of the time. My laptop was my saving grace, my tv series and the live-streaming of the Corona Impeachment as background noise. Ask me anything about the case? I won’t have an answer. I just needed the noise and the familiar voices of my favorite news anchors.

Very caring and generous friends including those who I have never met personally, were sending goodies. My eyes would light up with each gift delivered all because I put it out there. I would be a kid with a new toy all giddy and excited. Yesterday, I was nursing a 3 day long lingering headache. Sometimes the pain was intense, sometimes it was just floating around. I usually know why this happens to me. It’s probably George. That’s what I initially self diagnose but because of my medical history, I can never be sure. I always need to be cautious. I tweeted, “Send me some donuts please.” Someone was listening for after 5 tweets, I got a reply. “@blissfulcow sure!! DM me your address Bets.” WOW! I was so surprised. Thank you so much Tina! You’re too sweet.

This is what greeted me this morning as I was having my sinful Malungay Coffee w/ Milo & CM.

My taste buds were tingling even more knowing I just had my morning sugar-rush fill. This would be perfect for lunch dessert. We were all excited! I had to rush down and prepare our food. Impromptu Chicken Inasal and Pinakbet for lunch with my mom and Xavier. Nomnomnomnom.

Life is UNCERTAIN. Eat dessert first. Remember that each day is a blessing and even more so when there are people so kind and generous. Whatever it may be, BE GRATEFUL and BE THANKFUL. Always, always say THANK YOU. THANK YOU Go NUTS DoNUTS for the pleasant cravings gratification.

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I had forgotten that the cook was going on her annual vacation starting today. It was only when my yaya Helen knocked on my door at around 5:00 pm asking what we were going to have for dinner. Yikes! Top of mind was to open a bottle of Salsa Amaya and grab whatever pasta noodles were available, and good ole fried chicken. Easy stuff. I would be happy with that menu. Just to sure, I called my mom and asked her about dinner. She asked me to ask the maids what their food was and they were just having leftovers from breakfast and lunch. I doubt my mom would want that. She later called me up and said that she ordered food from NINAK.

I’ve heard my mom rave about NINAK several times but until I try it myself, I can’t and won’t absorb what she is saying.
“I ordered Hainanese Chicken Rice, and 3 Satay Rice. Will that be enough for everyone?”
“Yes mom, Xavier isn’t having dinner here….”.
Exactly 7:00pm the delivery man rang the doorbell. As I come down from dinner, one pack (white cardboard box, thank God it wasn’t plastic) was in front of me. My mom had 3 other boxes in front of her. I didn’t bother to check what they had on the other side of the table. I could smell the chicken rice immediately and wanted to dive into it asap.

No time to document the meal. But it was GOOD! I had the Satay Ninak which was surprisingly juicy unlike most Satay Chicken BBQ which end up dry. Need I say more about the chicken rice that came with it? Put it this way, I went beyond my 1/4 cup rice limit. No way was I going to put the rest to waste. I wasn’t able to try the Hain Ninak which is their version of Hainanese Boneless Chicken with side sauces. Must list that down for the next time I order for delivery. Burp. Excuse me.

NINAK Delivery
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