From ONE to THREE (The Coffee Press Saga)

If anyone follows my tweets on @blissfulcow, they will notice my coffee obsession. I only drink one cup (mug) in the morning and if I ever have another during the day, it’s a rare occasion. So that one cup of Joe is like liquid gold. Each sip is precious, soothing, and satisfying. I guess it was becoming obvious because, I was given three coffee presses in a span of one month. Thank you very much. One was a birthday gift, the two others were “pasalubongs” from my mom’s travels all because my coffee press for years shattered into smithereens.

Yesterday, my yaya comes up to my room with my usual coffee set up. As she was heating up the water for my coffee, she says that the @LacaFetiere was misaligned. Upon checking it, the discs, filter, and rubber ring were not attaching to each other anymore. Frack! What the hell happened? I can get mad and go on about how people need to take care of things especially when they do not belong to you. Simply to be mindful and careful. So, yes I was frustrated and mad because of it. But really? What can my yaya do? What can I do? Sigh. I asked my friend where he got the press just in case they have replacement parts (cross fingers). I just called and sadly they don’t. Oh well, I’ll get it some other way. Beaker is still intact though so there is still hope. I thoroughly cleaned the broken pieces and put them back in the box it came in. Setting it aside for the meantime.

Because I have this love affair with Philippine Coffees, I like to try different brands and kinds. I picked up a pack of Cafe de Lipa on a grocery run. The aroma itself is intoxicatingly divine. Then again, it does depend on how you prepare it ya? Sinful but good, I still use a tablespoon of condensed milk with my heaping scoop (from the coffee press) for my coffee. Heaven in a cup each time. Isn’t it a better way to start your day? Coffee cheers everyone!



Daily Cup (Mug) of Joe


“COFFEE is the MAGIC liquid that turns terrible days to bearable days.”

How apt for what I have been going through these past months. A turmoil of all sorts. However, despite all that, I still wake up every morning and go on with my day knowing that I have the responsibility (my son) to tend for. I make sure I do at least one thing that will make me happy no matter how short lived it may be. Like most, I presume, start their day with a good cup of hot coffee savoring the aroma and taste after each sip.

More than a month ago, I was informed that my one and only French Press was hit by a huge pot by the sink and the glass broke. I had to go down to the kitchen and see it for myself. My heart skipped a beat. It was worst than having my heart broken. Shattered into smithereens. That coffee press had sentimental value because it was something I shared with my Pappy. I was so affected, that even the Vietnamese Coffee Stainer was neglected. It simply didn’t match what I was looking for. I had to replace the coffee press. I looked on-line for deals and actually found a 50% off Bodum Chambord but I saw that there were at least 15 sets still available. That could wait for a bit, as earlier mentioned, I had other things on my mind. I succumbed to Kopiko 3-in-1 and the Vietnamese stainer using barako coffee. Don’t get me wrong, Kopiko is really good and strong. It’s the best 3-in-1 in the market if you ask me.

After a much needed, wonderful and relaxing weekend in Tagaytay with the Marcelos, I come home to a birthday package and boy oh boy did it make my day! I was grinning from ear to ear. Thank you so much dear. How sweet of you. Exactly what I needed and the perfect size. Hmm, was that why I was holding off purchasing the Bodum? Hehehe. What was funny was the dedication on the card “Especially for you…and your yayas so they don’t break it…”. Haha! I immediately knew what it was.

Thank you dear Juan. Thank you. It says good for three cups but it’s actually just good for my personal mug. Just the right and exact amount I need. Perfect indeed. It’s been a couple of weeks since and believe it or not, I’m still awed of how to the last drop of coffee is just the perfect amount. Just as any thing, the coffee press has it’s quirks. For the first week, it would make this funny sound as you press the contraption slowly down. Like it needed to be oiled type of thing. But now, it was smooth as silk. I guess just like every thing else, it needs to broken in. Coffee cheers everyone. Looking forward to better days ahead.