Christmas Dinner with the Ladies

It’s the most wonderful TIME of the YEAR…


“Recipe for a fantastic Christmas get together: A bit of bubbly & spirits, a generous amount of home cooked food, a helping of sweets and cheeses, tons of laughter and a gathering of the oldest & dearest friends.” – Monica Llamas (Photo from Monica Llamas)

Years ago, @janlo and I would whip up baked goods in my kitchen and sell them. We would join village bazaars and what not. We both got busy with the kids (she has three boys & I have one) and other things. Lately, she has been baking at home as I have seen her posts on social media outlets. I thought that I should get back into baking as well. I have been cooking more out of necessity actually. Baking is a different level I must say.

For the Ladies Christmas party, I volunteered to make Tiramisu and wanted to use Don Papa Rum in support of Monica and Andrew. Then I said, I might as well use ALL LOCAL products. I think I have been very vocal about how we should support our local industries in whatever way we can ya? I used Cafe de Lipa Barako Coffee, Don Papa Rum, La Pacita Broas (lady fingers), Magnolia Cream Cheese, Nestle All Purpose Cream, and Goya Cocoa Powder, Chocolate Shavings, and Sprinkles.

It was a hit at the dinner and a hit with my relatives who have been in the food business for years. I told them that I used all local products and they were impressed. I must admit, I did a costing for a 13×9 pan and a 1000ml container. Hmm… I might be sending you a price list of my goodies soon. Hahaha. Cheers everyone.



Stable Rats Kris Kringle 2012

As I have mentioned before, the past months haven’t been that great in many levels. I always needed to get out of the house even just for a few hours. The stables and horses have always been my happy place. I’ve made some “new” friends of all ages during this time. I also told myself that I would be more active with the shows and activities. I’ve made friends with both riders and polo players and it’s really just been good ole fun. I do wish I could stay longer or have drink or two or simply just hang but times up when the clock strikes six pm. I’m usually just waiting for Xavier to finish football or basketball. Or on the days that I go riding, we just wait for the car or we have to go pick up my mom. Then that’s it for the day.

During a show, there was a Kris Kringle paper going around and I was not too sure if I wanted to join or not. But I thought, what the heck, I have nothing to do anyway. I know most of the people in the Stables who I have known for years. This should be fun. So I signed up. We need 4 theme inspired gifts that we will drop off at the Stables Office every Wednesday. It’s been two weeks and I have gotten two gifts. Something FUNNY and something SMELLY. I still do not know for sure, but have an idea of who my “parent” is. Hmm. This is what I received:

yup PLANTS….thank you Mommy (I know my parent is a girl)!