Christmas Dinner with the Ladies

It’s the most wonderful TIME of the YEAR…


“Recipe for a fantastic Christmas get together: A bit of bubbly & spirits, a generous amount of home cooked food, a helping of sweets and cheeses, tons of laughter and a gathering of the oldest & dearest friends.” – Monica Llamas (Photo from Monica Llamas)

Years ago, @janlo and I would whip up baked goods in my kitchen and sell them. We would join village bazaars and what not. We both got busy with the kids (she has three boys & I have one) and other things. Lately, she has been baking at home as I have seen her posts on social media outlets. I thought that I should get back into baking as well. I have been cooking more out of necessity actually. Baking is a different level I must say.

For the Ladies Christmas party, I volunteered to make Tiramisu and wanted to use Don Papa Rum in support of Monica and Andrew. Then I said, I might as well use ALL LOCAL products. I think I have been very vocal about how we should support our local industries in whatever way we can ya? I used Cafe de Lipa Barako Coffee, Don Papa Rum, La Pacita Broas (lady fingers), Magnolia Cream Cheese, Nestle All Purpose Cream, and Goya Cocoa Powder, Chocolate Shavings, and Sprinkles.

It was a hit at the dinner and a hit with my relatives who have been in the food business for years. I told them that I used all local products and they were impressed. I must admit, I did a costing for a 13×9 pan and a 1000ml container. Hmm… I might be sending you a price list of my goodies soon. Hahaha. Cheers everyone.



From ONE to THREE (The Coffee Press Saga)

If anyone follows my tweets on @blissfulcow, they will notice my coffee obsession. I only drink one cup (mug) in the morning and if I ever have another during the day, it’s a rare occasion. So that one cup of Joe is like liquid gold. Each sip is precious, soothing, and satisfying. I guess it was becoming obvious because, I was given three coffee presses in a span of one month. Thank you very much. One was a birthday gift, the two others were “pasalubongs” from my mom’s travels all because my coffee press for years shattered into smithereens.

Yesterday, my yaya comes up to my room with my usual coffee set up. As she was heating up the water for my coffee, she says that the @LacaFetiere was misaligned. Upon checking it, the discs, filter, and rubber ring were not attaching to each other anymore. Frack! What the hell happened? I can get mad and go on about how people need to take care of things especially when they do not belong to you. Simply to be mindful and careful. So, yes I was frustrated and mad because of it. But really? What can my yaya do? What can I do? Sigh. I asked my friend where he got the press just in case they have replacement parts (cross fingers). I just called and sadly they don’t. Oh well, I’ll get it some other way. Beaker is still intact though so there is still hope. I thoroughly cleaned the broken pieces and put them back in the box it came in. Setting it aside for the meantime.

Because I have this love affair with Philippine Coffees, I like to try different brands and kinds. I picked up a pack of Cafe de Lipa on a grocery run. The aroma itself is intoxicatingly divine. Then again, it does depend on how you prepare it ya? Sinful but good, I still use a tablespoon of condensed milk with my heaping scoop (from the coffee press) for my coffee. Heaven in a cup each time. Isn’t it a better way to start your day? Coffee cheers everyone!