Green Housekeeping Workshop

As a volunteer facilitator for my Barangay, I was asked if I knew any green living advocates that could give a talk or workshop to our kasambahay or household helpers on living green. We already have a pretty strict garbage disposal segregation system that has worked to our advantage. Less flooding on our flood-prone streets.

First thing that came to mind was MESSY BESSY. I’ve known about them since 2007. All natural locally produced and sourced cleaning products. What else could you ask for? Over the years, I have tried to convince my own household to use earth-friendly biodegradable cleaning products but, sad to say it’s like trying to drill into a hard diamond-like rock which usually leaves me frustrated. I decided to use these products and other eco-friendly products on my own things, my own bathroom, room and that of my son and for my Jivey of course. If I lived alone, you know what to expect.

Here’s MESSY BESSY’s I Clean. I Green, I Educate Video. Please watch.

Despite the setback, I still promote using all natural products. There are actually a number of them in the market these days. It’s just a matter of knowing where to get them and planning when to get them. I was so happy that MESSY BESSY agreed to give a short talk and product demonstration to the facilitators and kasambahays how easy it is to have a green and healthy living environment by using natural cleaning products. Thank you @kriechoor for all your help.

I’ve said this so many times that I’m beginning to sound like a broken record. We must all make that CONSCIOUS EFFORT in choosing and using earth friendly biodegradable products in our daily lives. Simple. Economical. Good for the environment. Good for our seas and good for our health. Cheers to that!

G/F Yupangco Building,
2320 Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati City
T: 502 7176 | M: 0917 5607871
Twitter: @messybessychat

LET’s DO OUR PART in SAVING OUR EARTH. It’s the only ONE we have.


KASAMA (Kaagpay Sa Magallanes)

KASAMA Batch 3 is a holistic livelihood and development program for the household helpers brought to you by the Barangay Magallanes Council. Headed by Barangay Chairman Armand Padilla, Chairperson Nico Garcia, Kagawad for Social Services and Livelihood Committee and Chairperson Junjun Tumale, Kagawad for Education and Culture Committee.

This was officially launched last July 24, 2012 at the St. Alphonsus Mary di Ligouri Parish Center. Opening ceremonies and testimonies from previous batch members were given.

This will be a series of short talks and activities discussing various topics to be able to enrich our Kasama’s candidates lives. To, in our little way, uplift their moral, social, and spiritual lives as well. We are blessed and privileged to have household helpers and drivers and the like, to do our daily chores. We must be thankful for them. The best way we can repay them, is to share our knowledge and experiences. These little steps pave the way to a better community and a better nation. It would be ideal for other communities to do the same.

KASAMA will run from July 17 to October 13 with the culminating activity for candidates. This is only a once a week meeting. 2-3 hours an afternoon. All participants will be given snacks after each session. The Barangay has also provided FREE transportation to and from the parish center for the participants. Designated pick up points were provided where environment friendly jeeps wait them 30 mins before class time.

I, together with Kagawad Loury Lacson help facilitate during sessions and we belong to the Ilang-Ilang group. It’s indeed interesting to learn from our Kasama. Some of them are so funny and straightforward. My mom sent “her” yaya to attend and so far she says she’s having a good time. Cheers to that.