Balai Taal, Tagaytay Highlands & the Animal Farm

The weekend was spent in Tagaytay to celebrate my Tita Ito and Tito Billy’s 50th Wedding Anniversary. An intimate celebration with family and friends of the couple. In this day and age, being married for 50 years is truly rare. At least I can say, I know of couples who have lasted that long. For now, that’s more than enough. They were blessed with 6 sons, 3 in laws, and 3 grand children and counting? Only Billy and John, Frankie and Elizabeth were not able to attend this celebration as they live in the US. Debbie and Rocco were in Singapore.

I was told that we were spending the weekend in Tagaytay and that was it. No details except that it was for the wedding anniversary. Normally, I am very OC when it comes to planning but lately I’ve been down with headaches, dizziness, and george among other things. Bahala na si Batman again just go with the flow. To my surprise, my mom, two of her sisters, and us cousins, nieces and nephews were going to stay in Balai TaaL. It was perfect since were a total of 19 people including the yayas and drivers all with their own quarters. A three story house with five generous rooms, open living areas, big kitchen space which caterers loved I was told and sprawling gardens overlooking the volcano.

The view from the 3rd floor balcony. Imagine how perfect it would be if it was cold? Snuggle weather. Our names were posted on the sliding door were we were assigned. I was suppose to sleep with my niece Cristina but some aunts backed out so it was really a room for each family and kids. I really love these family vacations. Truly blessed too. Thank you.

Having breakfast while watching the NBA game. My cousin Tonico made kick-ass French Pressed coffee black. Initially too strong for me but once you get passed that bitter sip, the real flavor comes out. I think I can handle black coffee once in a while. I’m still into the sweet creamy coffee though.

Because we had young kids and toddlers and even baby Mateo, they all wanted to go to the zoo. Even the doting lolas joined as well. A bunch of cousins chose to watch the Paquiao fight leaving their kids with their yayas. My titas were so surprised of how I was walking faster and better and being able to hack all the climbing up and down steps. I’m more surprised that they were able to catch up. (Imaginary hammer on the head) Hehe. “Pobrecita Bettina. Ella esta cansada.” No. tita, I’m not tired. No pain. Thank you. Besides Yaya Helen was with me. Testing the goods remember.

Those who went to the zoo were invited for lunch at the China Palace by the Velhagens. Thank you very much. The kids were playing with the camera and the iPods thus the funny pictures. I know whose eye belongs to who. After lunch we headed back to Balai and packed up to go home. Wonderful weekend with the family. I look forward to more weekends like this. On the way home my mom had to pass by LZM in Nuvali for the Chicharon Bulaklak for Xavier to try. Oh boy was it good. Sorry Lapid’s this one is better.