Happy Tum Tums

Some time ago, maybe a month ago, my mother and I had another shouting match over the grocery bill. From that time on, I made it clear and known that I was NOT going to do the grocery for the household anymore. I made sure I had witnesses (her yaya and the cook) and I made sure everyone else heard it. Don’t get me wrong, I am more than willing and very happy to do the grocery for the household. BUT I do not want to be shouted at and accused of buying unnecessary items which will be used or consumed in the long run anyway. I will shout back and stand my ground no doubt, especially when I know I did not do anything wrong. I was simply following the list that the cook gave me. In fact, I even brought the cook because she knows more of what is really needed. I do my own groceries at my own time which I stash in my room and keep perishable items in the kitchen ref. I label some things if need be. I admit I did buy sachets of a new brand instant coffee for myself and a big bottle of cologne for my son. The rest was on the two column intermediate pad paper that the cook wrote. It’s NOT my fault if my mother did not look at the list again. It’s not my fault if the cook and yaya added more and more items. I was really there just to bring the cook and pay. I was doing my mother a favor. But shout at me I will shout back. The Libra-Scorpio-Dragon in me has never been so alive. Haha.

So, my mother has been on her annual European vacation with her best friend. Meaning, no groceries and meats, chicken, fish etc are from her last grocery run before she left. The only I will buy for the household is bread (2 loaves, 2 packs of pandesal, 1 loaf with the household help) and eggs. I give the itemized receipts to her yaya for her to keep and show so that I will NOT be accused and shouted at again.

My son and I are the easiest to please when it comes to food. We don’t need the whole food chart in one meal. I have trained my son to eat what’s on the table. Don’t like the food? Don’t eat. Simple. I thank the heavens that my son was never a picky eater. He will eat and try anything. It’s just important to rotate the variants so that he does not get “sawa”. I usually eat alone during lunch and just eat what the household helpers have prepared for themselves. Usually 100% healthier than what I was going to be served. Mostly fish & chicken cooked steamed or boiled with lots of veggies.

Yesterday, there was absolutely no food for dinner. A quick run to grocery after football and horses, picked up a pack of linguine, a can of anchovies, a tub of cream. I knew that I still had a pack of fresh sliced mushrooms, some bacon, and asked the cook to prepare slivers of garlic. Viola…Dinner topped with fresh lemon zest. Simple. Quick. Fast. Satisfying and filling as my son had two huge servings and said that he couldn’t breathe. Hahaha. Happy tums.

Life is already complicated as it is. Why add to the stress? Inevitable at times, but there is always a less complex way to go about it. Problem is, there are just difficult people to deal with or more of live with. I know I’m right. Don’t worry, I’m not referring to my mother. Mothers are mothers that’s just the way it is. Haha.


Baked Eggs

Most of you probably spend your weekends with your significant others, plan or go on out of town trips with the kiddos, drink, go out and be merry. I spent last night at home thinking of what my breakfast would be. Yeah, something as mundane as that. I wasn’t seriously watching the Twitter timeline, it was the same banana. No offense of course. Off to lalalaland I went at 4:30am. I simply couldn’t sleep. After “chatting” with some twitter folk about food, I decided that I would treat myself to Baked Eggs in the morning or whatever time I would wake up. Knowing that I didn’t have my favorite barako coffee (ahem, wink wink) waiting for me in the morning, I wasn’t too keen on getting out of bed or even ask my yaya for breakfast. I decided to NOT be a sour grape and make something instead. Baked Eggs it is then.

I must have blogged about this before and don’t mind blogging about it again. Credit should be given where credit is due. My inspiration for my Baked Eggs are @samanthasotto and @mymomfriday. Thank you very much. Trying to stick to the original recipe as much as possible, we all know that when cooking is involved, one has to learn how to make use of what is available or substitute whenever possible.

I’m the sort of kind of cook who relies on preparations simply because I am hemiplegic. Before I go down to the kitchen, I already call the cook or my yaya in advance to prepare ingredients and chop or grate whatever is needed to my specifications. This is what I needed:

2 strips of bacon, chopped and fried
Half of a small onion, finely chopped or grated, sauteed with bacon
2 or 3 mushrooms, thinly sliced, added to the bacon-onion mixture
2-3 Fresh Basil, torn up or 1 teaspoon dried basil.
3 kinds of cheese, grated (I had Monterey Jack, Cheddar, & Singles on hand)
2 large fresh eggs
Truffle Oil (optional but it makes a difference, sinful in fact)

I line the bottom of an ovenproof Pyrex with half of the Bacon-Onion-Mushroom-Basil mixture and half of the grated cheese. I crack two eggs side by side covering the mixture below. I use two Single Cheese slices to cover the eggs. I finish it off by topping the rest of the B.O.M.B. and bake to perfection (about 10-15 minutes in the toaster oven).

See the creamy yolk goodness? Hmm, next time i’ll poke the yolks to evenly distribute it.

(Drumming my fingers til my Barako coffee comes; praying that it comes). Had to settle with the helpers Nescafe instant coffee, condensed milk, and Gardenia pandesal. Breakfast cheers everyone.