Back on the Saddle! Yipee!!

I was excited when I woke up this morning because I knew I would be able to do something I love. After my breakfast (cereal w/ vanilla milk & coffee) someone decided to crawl into my bed and didn’t budge until I kicked him out. Yes, it was almost noon and we soon had to get ready for the days activities. He cannot sleep without his baby blanket which I actually bought before he was born.

It’s been exactly 4 months since my ankle surgery. 3 months of recuperating from a full leg cast (50 days), below the knee (2.5 weeks), strengthening my knee and muscles to be able to walk again and 12 sessions of Physical Therapy. My last session was yesterday. Not being able to wait any longer, I rode today. It’s been a while that even my yaya had forgotten our routine, what to prepare, etc.

Because I am half paralyzed or hemiplegic, I do not have full use of my right hand. I cannot drum my fingers but I can close and open them. Meaning I can grip. Therefore, when I ride, I need to bandage my fingers with Mueller tape as not to get blisters from the friction of the reins and my fingers even if I have gloves. I need my yaya Helen to put them for me and put my right hand gloves as well. Boots have been easier to put on since my brace is slimmer and thinner.

I try to schedule my riding days at the same time as Xavier’s football or tennis (then) trainings. For one, they are all in one place and more or less at the same time. We save on gasoline too. Someone’s feet haven’t stopped growing and I doubt they will in the near future.

My groom (the man who takes care of my horse) has been ill (so sad) and has been recuperating in the province until he is well enough to come back to work. In the meantime, it is his son who tends for Jive. To my surprise, it was another groom who helped me get on Jive today. For obvious reasons, he was not used to my “gear”. I use Devonshire Boots which a lot of RDA groups use to stop riders feet slipping through the stirrup, which is very dangerous, couldn’t be found. My dressage whip as well, and having to make a knot on my reins that help keep the contact on the horse’s mouth. Minor setbacks which were immediately rectified. This is how I get on a horse. (the pic taken from my other blog)

After all the preparations, off I went. Jive seemed happy. She knows she has to be a good girl for me to give her her treats of carrots and apples. She was and lo and behold. NOT once was I in pain during my ride. I guess this time I can say that the “goods” (ankle surgery) has been tested. Good job!!

You guessed it right, I was famished when I got home. This is what was waiting at the dinner table. Good ole Putanesca and Fried Chicken.



It has been exactly 50 days since I had my surgery. It has been 50 days since I had a full leg cast & knee length one as well. 50 days without TV. 50 days of staying in a make shift room (the den) which I have called The Blissful Suite. 50 days on bed pan duties… and well, 50 days. Now, CAST-less. While waiting for my turn at the doctor’s clinic, this is what I was doing.
When the nurse came to me saying that I needed X-rays to be done, I knew I forgot something. Darn it, I forgot about it. I forgot to include a referral slip for X-rays. Consultation, done. Cast Removal, done. Uh-oh. How much will it cost this time? I didn’t have time or a way to go get a referral slip from my insurance. (I could hear someone’s voice in my head, “presence of mind huh?”. haha. fine fine.)

My surgeon led me to the casting room were he and his nurse sawed-off the cast with this contraption which I was terrified of that first time my upper leg cast was removed. I was more at ease this time. The shriek drilling sound wasn’t too bad anymore. My son asked if I could bring home the cast and “by all means” is what the surgeon said. He was probably glad I brought it home as to minimize their garbage disposal.


STITCHES all over. 4-5 all over the ankle for the 3 procedures that was done. That actually is nothing compared to what the surgeon showed me right after surgery. Uh-huh, my ankle in it’s opened glory with clamps & screws to pry open the ankle. There goes all the skin & casting gunk that needs to scraped off during baths…did I hear BATHS? Finally, an actual “FLOWING WATER SHOWER/BATH”. Although, I was getting spoiled with those “beddy baths” where my yaya had to often nudge me to wake up after she was done with one side and another or when I was done with my shampoo. (ala parlor style) Hahaha.

In the span of 12 years, I have had a total of 3 AFOs (ankle-foot orthotic) which were all made in the US. Luckily, there is a local orthotis here in Manila which means that I don’t have to travel all the way to the US primarily for that reason. My surgeon told me to bring whatever I had and see if I can still use them as not to spend any more money. I will need to that support while my ankle recovers and strengthens.  I was afraid that my ankle wouldn’t fit due to swelling or that I gained weight or that it changed a lot. Luckily, it was the 2nd brace that fit to a T.

Yes. It’s EXACTLY how my brace and leg looked like pre-surgery except now you know what it looks like inside. Here’s to the long days ahead and thereafter. I did say, surgery was just the first step. Right?

As promised, I would give my cast to my son. Don’t ask me what he’ll do it. Enjoy your new toy my love. After the long day, I deserve a treat. Don’t judge me. Yup. I have a stash in my freezer. Trust me. It won’t freeze up and get icy.