I don’t think anyone will really understand how much my horse means to me. To some it’s just a waste of money and resources. I’m tired of explaining to people how Jive has helped me recover. I would have been bound to a wheelchair til this day if it wasn’t for Tita Marivic and Jive. After years of competing and attending Riding for the Disabled conferences abroad, why would anyone think that it was a waste of time? Yes, it’s all personal to me, it is me.

Just like you and I, we get sick. We get ill. Imagine, after 16 years, this is the first time, Jive gets an infection. This is all new to me. But because of TLC she’s better. She’s ALIVE and KICKING (literally). Even the VET is amazed of how fast Jive recovered. Thank you Dra. Anna Chavez. Good job! The groom sent me a message saying the Jive was ridden by Frances last weekend and she was fine. Thanks for the heads up and thank you for riding her Frances. I have less to worry about this afternoon. I am both scared and excited to get on. Wish me luck!!

Being Picky

The walk back to the stables. That’s Jive and the groom. Jive didn’t want to leave yet. She must have wanted more human interaction and carrots. Such a sweetie. Love of my life next to my son I tell you. Hehehe.