There She Goes…

No, I haven’t forgotten about you. How can I? I have just been so busy. Football (soccer) tournaments have been coming out of my ears. I have learned my lesson and will not entertain whims of parents. My job is to take care of the players, the coaching staff, and the management staff.Next time, you do your own bookings. Package deal for the players and thats it. Take it or don’t go. As simple as that. Now I appreciate my mother’s business/craft more. Thanks Mom!

I was on the verge of breaking down because of all these abrupt changes. Next time. No more. Small changes screw up things and affects everyone else in the long run. There are some people who will really try to get away with everything. Now I know who these people are. I may not say much but believe me, you’re on my list. Learning learning learning. Learning to manage a football club.

The UFL (United Football League) will be starting soon and that will mean being busy all over again. 5 teams of 20 to 25 players. Coaches and staff…. Prepare yourself Bettina.


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