It is safe to say that our bi-annual trip is something, we as a group, always look forward to. I definitely do.

I am truly honored and lucky to have best friends who are simply the best at their crafts that make travel a breeze. Despite our strong personalities (Year of the Fire Dragon born), we have managed to keep our 27 years or even more for some, intact.

From planning, booking tickets, hotel reservations, tours, executing, the deck, I must hand it to where it it due, our very own bankerThat really made everyone’s lives better. I still can’t believe we pulled it off. Thank you girls.

Pre Hanoi Dinner c/o the Sy’s

Thank you Tita Olive and Tito Mike! You are simply the BEST! Thank you for treating us as your own. Starting the trip with a matching CAKE… only good things were to come..


(to be cont)


There She Goes…

No, I haven’t forgotten about you. How can I? I have just been so busy. Football (soccer) tournaments have been coming out of my ears. I have learned my lesson and will not entertain whims of parents. My job is to take care of the players, the coaching staff, and the management staff.Next time, you do your own bookings. Package deal for the players and thats it. Take it or don’t go. As simple as that. Now I appreciate my mother’s business/craft more. Thanks Mom!

I was on the verge of breaking down because of all these abrupt changes. Next time. No more. Small changes screw up things and affects everyone else in the long run. There are some people who will really try to get away with everything. Now I know who these people are. I may not say much but believe me, you’re on my list. Learning learning learning. Learning to manage a football club.

The UFL (United Football League) will be starting soon and that will mean being busy all over again. 5 teams of 20 to 25 players. Coaches and staff…. Prepare yourself Bettina.


Growing up, I don’t think Pimiento Cheese was a staple at home. If ever it was only in the form of CheezWhiz which I would use to spruce up a kiddie macaroni and cheese. I honestly do not know why I even started wanting Pimiento Cheese. Must have been something I saw on the Food Network and started craving for it. After browsing through several recipes, I got a little ingredientsfrom here and there and concocted my own.

PC103The first batch I made was for my son’s Teacher’s Day get together. My son wanted cheese sticks but I wasn’t in the mood for wrapping individual sticks. Since my son said that the student council was ona budget, then I had to scrimp on the ingredients but definitely not the flavor. I haven’t heard feedback from the teachers yet. Let’s see.

PC102The second batch was more expensive because of the ingredients I used. Definitely richer and stronger in flavor because I used Seriously Strong Cheddar Cheese and Mature Cheese from a company called Mclelland. But it was good.

PC101I made my son bring a jar to his friend’s houses yesterday. They must have enjoyed and their mother’s want to order from me. Teehee.